Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association

Kindly sponsored by
Lincolnshire Co-op

Sets Singles

To be played at Louth IBC

on Saturday 15th February 2020

Dress – Club Shirt, White Trousers/Shorts or EIBA registered Trousers/Shorts

Any colour Bowls Manufactured Shoes


Last 32 @ 12:00noon

match no rink no      
1 1 Paul Bark (Horncastle) Chris Ballard (Stamford D)
2 2 Andy Cave (Louth A) Darren Barnard (Scunthorpe A)
3 3 David Bristow (Sleaford B) Graham Smith (Spalding A)
4 4 Martin Spencer (Spalding B) Kevin Lewis (Lincoln B)
5 5 Greg Smith (Lincoln A) John Holroyd (Stamford F)

Last 32 Cont @ 1:30pm

match no rink no      
6 1 Wayne Phoenix (Boston C) Peter Scarsdale (Louth B)
7 2 Steve Derby (Lincoln D) Mike Ramsden (Stamford C)
8 3 Kevin Ekins (Spalding D) Andy Hall (Lincoln C)
9 4 Paul Johnson (Scunthorpe B) Nick Orrey (Grantham A)
10 5 Ian Bertram (Louth C) Alex Tomlin (Boston E)

Last 32 Cont @ 3:00pm

match no rink no      
11 1 Kevin Rands (Lincoln E) Martin Tomlin (Boston D)
12 2 Matt Whyers (Spalding B) Will Bell (Lincoln F)
13 3 Gary Morris (Skegness) Jake Meakins (Grantham B)
14 4 Alan Romaine (Stamford E) Scott Whyers (Boston A)
15 5 Tony Barwell (Stamford B) Ian Clark (Boston B)

Last 32 Cont & Last 16 @ 4:30pm

match no rink no      
16 1 Richard Allam (Stamford A) w/o-scr Gareth Hubbard (Sleaford A)
A   Winner 5 Winner 13
B   Winner 9 Winner 1
C   Winner 8 Winner 7
D   Winner 4 Winner 15

Last 16 Cont @ 6.00pm

match no rink no      
E   Winner 10 Winner 12
F   Winner 6 Richard Allam
G   Winner 11 Winner 2
H   Winner 14 Winner 3

Quarter Finals @ 7-30pm

match no rink no      
Q1   Winner F   Winner H
Q2   Winner E   Winner D
Q3   Winner B   Winner C
Q4   Winner A   Winner G


Semi finals to be played at Spalding on Saturday 28th March 

S1   Winner Q2 V Winner Q3
S2   Winner Q4 V Winner Q1

Final to be played at Lincoln on Sunday 19th April 2019

Drawn by Martin McGowan (President) & Richard White (Chairman)