Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association

Kindly sponsored by
Lincolnshire Co-op

Sets Singles

to be played at Boston

on Sunday 25th February 2018

Dress: Whites with white or club shirt 


Round 1 – 12:00pm

match no rink no          
1 1 C. Ballard (Stamford F) v K. Bell (Lincoln C)
2 2 D. Bristow (Sleaford B) v S. Reeson (Louth A)
3 3 K. Kelly (Louth E) v S. Harris (Stamford A)
4 4 S. Dunham (Spalding D) v T. Bannister (Sleaford A)
5 5 A. Watts (Lincoln A) v T. Berridge (Grantham A)
6 6 M. Brown (Boston A) v S. Whyers (Boston B)

Round 1 continued – 1:30pm

match no rink no          
7 1 B. Ledgerwood (Louth D) v J. Staples (Lincoln F)
8 2 M. Spencer (Spalding B) v K. Rippin (Stamford C)
9 3 T. Barwell (Stamford B) v N. Orrey (Grantham C)
10 4 R. Vinter (Boston C) w/o – con W. Bell (Lincoln E)
11 5 D. Woodforth (Louth C) v P. O'Reilly (Lincoln D)
12 6 P. Johnson (Scunthorpe) v B. Jackson (Lincoln B)

Round 1 and Last 16 – 3:00pm

match no rink no          
13 1 J. Philpott (Spalding A) w/o – con A. Berridge (Grantham B)
14 2 A. Dent jnr (Louth B) v G. Smith (Spalding C)
15 3 P. Bark (Horncastle) v P. Roberts (Sleaford C)
16 4 A. Warrington (Stamford D) v A. Romaine (Stamford E)
A 5 Winner 8 v Winner 6
B 6 Winner 3 v Winner 2

Last 16 cont – 4:30pm

match no rink no          
C   Winner 4 v Winner 5
D   Winner 7 v Winner 1
E   R. Vinter v Winner 11
F   J. Philpott v Winner 9
G   Winner 16 v Winner 15
H   Winner 12 v Winner 14


Quarter Finals – 6-00pm

match no rink no          
Q1   Winner C v Winner B
Q2   Winner D v Winner A
Q3   Winner F v Winner E
Q4   Winner G v Winner H


Semi finals to be played at Stamford on Saturday 31st March 2018


Final to be played at Louth on Sunday 22nd April 2018