Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association

Kindly sponsored by
Lincolnshire Co-op



Boston A. Reeson R. Vinter Louth "C" J. Darley B. Robinson
Grantham A. Berridge T. Berridge Scunthorpe P. Grimbleby S. Burton
Horncastle K. Jackman P. Bark Skegness   G. Morris
Lincoln "A" N. East M. Thompson Sleaford D. Bristow P. Roberts
Lincoln "B" D. Brown B. Jackson Spalding J. Philpott B. Wilson
Lincoln "C" S. Ashton G. Draper Stamford "A"   C. Ballard
Lincoln "D" J. Staples T. Gilroy Stamford "B" N. Wright C. Watson
Louth "A" A. Musson S. Reeson Stamford "C" J. Travis Jenner M. Smith
Louth "B" R. Dent A. Dent jnr      


Preliminary Round to be played by 1st January 2018

P1 Horncastle w/o – con Louth "C"


Last 16 to be played by 11th February 2018

1 Lincoln "D" 18-8 Louth "B"
2 Scunthorpe 13-22 Louth "A"
3 Lincoln "B" 24-1 Horncastle
4 Lincoln "A" 15-17 Lincoln "C"
5 Stamford "B" 21-14 Skegness
6 Boston 22-17 Sleaford
7 Stamford "A" 11-24 Stamford "C"
8 Spalding 21-4 Grantham

Quarter Finals to be played by 18th March 2018

A Stamford "B" 10-15 Boston
B Lincoln "D" 23-15 Spalding
C Louth "A" 9-16 Lincoln "B"
D Lincoln "C" 23-1 Stamford "C"

Semi Finals to be played at Stamford on Saturday 31st March 2018

1 Lincoln "B" v Boston
2 Lincoln "C" v Lincoln "D"

Final to be played at Louth on Sunday 22nd April 2018

DRESS: Grey & whites for 1/8 & 1/4 Finals. Whites for Semi Finals & Finals.
Registered Club coloured shirts may be worn providing both players in the team wear them.
TIME LIMIT: 3 hours 30 minutes including trial ends, & the jack shall not be cast after that time has expired.

In the event of the jack being hit off rink, it will be replaced at a predetermined point(s) on the rink

before the next bowl is delivered or the end decided.