Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association

Kindly sponsored by
Lincolnshire Co-op

O60 & U25 Singles

To be played at Grantham IBC

on Saturday 26th February 2022

O60 Singles – 4 woods – 18 ends

U25 Singles – 4 woods – Best of 3 sets (7 ends) – 3 end tie break if required

Preliminary Rd to be played by 1st Jan (Contact by 22 Nov)

 P1   Chris Bower (Dunholme) 16-17 Graham Smith (Grantham)
 P2   Martin Simpson (Spalding) 21 – 9 Tony Barwell (Stamford D)  


O60 Last 16 @ 10.00am

match no rink no          
O60 1 1 Martin Simpson (Spalding) w/o-com Ron Blake (Stamford C)
O60 2 2 Paul Flatters (Boston) 20-14 Graham Smith (Grantham)
O60 3 3 Neil Poole (Scunthorpe) 6-17 John Maury (Sleaford)
O60 4 4 Alan Dent Snr (Louth B) 10-18 George Draper (Lincoln D)
O60 5 5 Dave Warren (Louth A) 9-26 Martyn Dolby (Stamford A)
O60 6 6 John Horton (Lincoln C) 10-21 John Mountain (Skegness)

O60 Last 16 & U25 Q-Final  @ 12.00pm

match no rink no          
O60 7 1 Martin McGowan (Lincoln B) 5-17 Richard Allam (Stamford B)
O60 8 2 Geoff Maslin (Lincoln A) 9-22 Paul Bark (Horncastle)
U25 Q1 3 Jordan Philpott (Spalding) w/o-con John Nott (Lincoln)
U25 Q2 4 Nathan Dunnington (Boston) 0-2 James Staples (Lincoln)
U25 Q3 5 Owen Aspinall (Boston) 0-2 Stephen Harris (Spalding)
U25 Q4 6 Liam Reeson (Boston) w/o-con Ollie Jeapes (Spalding)

O60 Quarter Finals @ 2.00pm

match no rink no          
O60 Q1 2 Paul Flatters 11-19 Martyn Dolby
O60 Q2 3 Paul Bark 23-13 Richard Allam
O60 Q3 4 John Mountain 9-17 John Maury
O60 Q4 5 George Draper 14-15 Martin Simpson


Semi Finals to be played at Stamford on Sunday 3rd April

O60 S1   Martyn Dolby v Paul Bark
O60 S2   Martin Simpson v John Maury
U25 S1   Liam Reeson v James Staples
U25 S2   Jordan Philpott v Stephen Harris

Final to be played at Lincoln on Saturday 23rd April

  Drawn by Richard White (Chairman)