Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association

Kindly sponsored by
Lincolnshire Co-op

County Semi Finals


To be held at LINCOLN IBC on SUNDAY 2nd APRIL 2017


The following matches start at 9:00am

Sets Singles: P. Bark (Horncastle) v J. West (Boston) Rink 5 (4-4, 5-6)

Sets Singles: G. Smith (Spalding) v A. Dent snr (Louth)  Rink 7 (7-2, 4-5, 2-1)

U25 Singles: G. Smith Lincoln) v P. Oke (Sleaford)  Rink 6 (2-5, 5-6)


The following matches starts at 11:00am

U25 Singles: D. Bristow (Sleaford) v J. West (Boston)  Rink 6 (4-5, 7-2, 0-2)

Singles: A. Field (Boston) v G. Morris (Skegness)  Rink 7 (17-21)

Triples: A. Dent snr, R. Dent & A. Dent jnr (Louth) 

                                             v                                   Rink 8 (2-22)

        S. Dunham, J. Philpott & M. Orrey (Spalding)


The following matches start at 3:00pm

Mixed Pairs: V. Sherry & A. Dent snr (Louth)  v M. Brummitt & B. Foxon (Skegness)  Rink 1 (12-23)

O60 Singles: M. Elding (Spalding) v D. Hudson (Stamford)  Rink 4 (19-9)

O60 Singles: D. King (Stamford) v M. Dolby (Stamford)  Rink 2 (6-22)

Rinks: M. Whyer, G. Smith, M. Spencer & M. Orrey (Spalding) 

                                                          v                                          Rink 3 (25-11)

                      M. Leverton, J. Darley, S. Dent & R. Dent (Louth)


the following matches start at 6:30pm

Rinks: D. Bristow, F. Collins, R. Musson & P. Roberts (Sleaford)

                                                      v                                                  Rink 3 (26-18)

         M. Freemantle, J. McCue, A. Dent snr & S. Reeson (Louth)

Pairs: M. Smith & K. Rands (Lincoln) v S. Harris & M. Dolby (Stamford)  Rink 1 (14-15)

Pairs: D. Brown & B. Jackson (Lincoln) v G. Smith & A. Caress (Spalding)  Rink 4 (16-15)


Dress Whites. Club shirts may be worn providing the whole team wear them

"Killed ends" will be re-spotted in all competitions

time limit – 3 hours 30 minutes including trial ends