Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association

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1. All County Competitions will be played to the E.I.B.A.Laws of the Sport & Competition rules Unless otherwise stated.

2. Each entrant to the County Competitions will pay an entry fee via his club, & will represent only one club in any one season.  Amount of entry fee payable will be determined annually by the L.I.B.A. Management Committee.


1. Clubs will be allocated a number of places for qualifiers dependent on the number of entries submitted to the competition secretary by 1st May. The figures used in determining this allocation will be circulated to all clubs.

2. The rounds prior to the Final Stages of the competition will be played in the players own club, where there will be an open draw, arranged in such a manner that it produces the required number of qualifiers without any re-matching.

3. Individual clubs will decide the time limit & number of ends to be applied in the qualifying rounds.

4. The names of all players qualifying for the final stages, including any substitutes used, must be received at the latest by the dates provided by the County Competition Secretary, to allow printing & posting back to clubs.

5. PLAYERS INVOLVED IN A HALF PLACE PLAY OFF will play in the preliminary round of the knockout stage.

6. The Over 60 Singles and Under 25 Singles will be open to male and female entries.




1. An open draw will be made publicily by the Competition Secretary in the presence of at least two witnesses whose names will appear on the sheets sent to clubs.

2. All matches to have a time limit of three hours thirty minutes including trial ends, and the jack shall not be cast after that time has expired.  In the event of the jack being hit off the rink it will be replaced at a predetermined point(s) on the rink before the next bowl is delivered or the end decided.  Within the constraints of the said time limits the number of ends will be as follows:- Pairs, Triples, Rinks & open Over 60 Singles 18 ends, Men's Singles 21 up, Men's Sets Singles best of 3 sets (two by 7 ends and a 3 end tie break) and open Under 25 Singles best of 3 sets (two by 7 ends and a 3 end tie break).

3. All players to share rink fees to the Host Club, excluding the Finals, when the County will pay.

4. All trophies must be returned engraved to the County Competition secretary by 31st March each year.

5. THE PAIRS, MIXED PAIRS, TRIPLES & RINKS. Players to make their own arrangments for the preliminary rounds, the eighth and the quarter finals. The draw for the last 16 will be on a regional basis to minimise travelling.  The draw for the quarter finals will be an open draw across the county.

6. The players whose name appear first in the draw pairing is the challenger.  Matches may be played on the challengers own green.  the challenger shall offer their opponents the choice of three dates – at least one of them shall be at a weekend, within seven days of the closing of the previous round.

Failure to offer dates within seven days will result in the oppnents becoming the challengers who can then offer three dates and the choice of venue.

7. The match results must be given to the competition secretary by the closing date of each round.  failure to comply will result in both teams being disqualified.

8 Grey & whites or club shirts may be worn for the 1/8 & 1/4 finals

9. THE SINGLES, SETS SINGLES, OPEN UNDER 25 SINGLES, OPEN OVER 60 SINGLES, SEMI-FINALS & FINALS. The Competition Secretary will arrange to play these games on previously published designated dates and greens.

10. Qualiffying players will be expected to play in these finals on the specified fixed times and dates as listed in the L.I.B.A. programme for the season.

11. Failure to attend without adequate excuse shall result in exclusion from the competitions the following season.


12. The only reason allowed for re-arranging a match will be when players are involved in "fixed day" National matches governed by the E.I.B.A., the E.W.I.B.A., English Bowling Federation or Bowls England. When a match has to be re-arranged the Competition Secretary will fix a date, time & venue. County re-arranged matches will take preference over club fixtures.

13. Dress will be whites & predominantly white shirts. Registed club shirts may be worn providing all players in the team wear them.  All bowls shall have Club stickers attached, & where there is a colour clash the association shall provide alternative stickers.

14. The Host Club shall be responsible for providing suitable markers if required.  The County will provide umpires.  Any dispute other than an umpiring decision will be settled by the controlling Authority, whose decision shall be final.

15. The draw for the rinks will be made on the day of play in front of the players.

16. The Competition Secretary will ensure that no player playes on the same rink twice.  Where this is not possible a match shall be staged on a rink that both players / teams have already played.


The Lincolnshire Bowling Association would appreciate that all Host Clubs arrange the best possible presentation for the Finals within the constraints of the facilities available

It is the responsibility of the individual clubs to ensure that its members comply with the above rules